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Large brick and mortar businesses are coming to an end! With today’s technology and high speed internet, anything that was done in an office, can now be done remotely!

Are you a busy entrepreneur and/or business owner looking for a Virtual Assistant (VA) to boost production with less office staff, little to no office space, AND increase your profits?

Welcome to United Virtual Assistants!

Here to help you spend less and benefit more!

Why pay someone 8 hours when there’s only 5 hours of work?! Not to mention, in seasonal slower months when staff barely have much to do? With United Virtual Assistants, if you have 2 hours of work to be done, you only pay for 2 hours!
No monthly contracts (unless you want one!), no hidden fees, and no pre-booking or pre-paying/committing for the month ahead.

Being a business owner and/or entrepreneur, your time is too valuable! United Virtual Assistants are here to work for YOU, giving you the opportunity to focus on growing your business or pleasure!







What We Do

United Virtual Assistants (VA’s) can do any job normally done in an office, and if there’s a professional specialized service you require, we can find one (or use your own) and we’ll manage it for you!

We can take over EVERYTHING! – even the smallest duties like data entry, research & development, managing your email, and social media accounts and much much more!

We will find you the best VA match for your business (ie-your business hours, and/or eves/nights), that you can deal directly with in real time and who reports to you!

Please see our FAQ’s tab for How to Get Started and all your other questions and answers.



How United VAs Work

Get Assigned Your Own VAGet assigned your own VA!

Get Assigned Your Own VA1 hr minimum (then only for minutes worked after that).

Get Assigned Your Own VAAll prices are in Canadian dollars.

Get Assigned Your Own VAInvoices are emailed & due at job/project completion.

Get Assigned Your Own VAPayments can be made by: Visa, MasterCard, Debit etc via PayPal, E-transfer, or Wire Transfer.
*plus applicable fees.

Get Assigned Your Own VAOutside expenses such as postage/courier fees, photocopies etc are paid by the client (receipts provided). Time is also charged at regular price $29.99/hr for errands etc.

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Canine United


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