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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Want To Know

What You Want To Know

  • How do I start the process and get my own United Virtual Assistant?

  • What services can you do?

  • How do I know that United VA’s are properly educated and are good workers?

  • How do I know my VA is actually working on my project and I am only getting charged for when they are working?

  • Will my projects be on time? How about last minute deadlines?

  • How do I work with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  • Is there a contract?

  • Why use United instead of Upwork, Freelance or an overseas company?

  • What if I don’t like the outcome quality or work?

  • Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

  • How do I communicate with my assigned VA?

  • How can I pay?

  • Where are your VA’s located?

  • Will my VA work on the weekend?

  • Can my United VA work with my software and project management tools?

  • How does my VA communicate on my behalf or in my company?

  • What if I still have questions?


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